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I love this melody to!

Always loved Japan as a Country:




Find No Words Just Tears;O)


Så här bra sjunger man Nationalsången om man heter La Gaga som faktiskt tydligen sjunger bra om hon bara vill!

It is lot of Music on my blog now, this is how great Lady Gaga really can sing, if you cant see it just press YoutubeBotton:


R Kelly has done two good musicsongs and this is number 2 or number 1!

Can play this all over again and forever is so great, the other one from him is down below in my blog, but this one is better, so much feelings:




My advice for tonight!

MY Advice to all:

If things get harder Be nicer not harder, you will be more ugly as a person if you get harder! Just my advice!
Nice evening all Sweeties;O)



Nils Petter Nilsson