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Should i put in this one to?





I am really fan of all kind of music even this to:

Private or State who gets the best persons?

Have you all thought about this one? The State seem to hire better and more clever persons with better looks than our Private loved once, all the shity workstaff gets hired into our private lovedones companyies and the great rest goes to the State, so our beloved ones is not so beloved anymore so the best in our communitycityes is really not the best afterall, strange i would say, so satan is more activ than ever, then our beloved companies not hire the best, so our communities seem to be more owned by Satan(i write Satan so its eaiser to understand what i mean, or the dark side)!

Or Could it be so that lot of our Private Companies is most shitty upbuild and unnessisery without any real meaning or without any great purpose?

Private is not Elite anymore is to much SocialStuff, “Social Ecnomics”(i inventet that word) rouls other world today and i am sorry about that, it has roul the world a long time now is better someone do anything to change that, Social economics doesnt makes this world better its slows it down and makes it instead more stupid!



Nils Petter Nilsson