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Feel the power to destroy them all with love….!

This will be my next post, hold on, i will write it, perhaps or maybe soon, here is the begining…..;O)

There will always be humans that never will give a damn about this society, instead they will care about humans right to live and raise above it….!


Having sex in ordinary places into our ordinary society into open ground

Sexy MeHumans have often feelings and emotions that think toward sex and need to feel sexy into everywhere they place themself into our society, this  feelings  is  often commen for feamals, but so true for gentlemans, but  there  is  always something that stop them on the way, when the eye meet the opposite sex, something inside stop them to pull themself toghter to have sex with eachother and make babies everywhere and whenever they want, this isnt to strange to accomplish, just always do it, not just do it, always do it….;O)
So how could you let this emotion let go and start to really feel your penis and vagina be real sporty and hard? How will i give you the solution, i will never give you the solution, just the way how to be strong to get their and be true sexy and sporty, stop all the fears and get to it……;O)

Me myself is little scared how to be complete sporty when i am on open ground in society, how really to prevail with my inner feelings toward feamales, but soon i will do my part and take my feeling towards and be real sporty, think i will start somewhere you never know, perhaps you will be the one to know….;O)

*Me so funny and so ironic, but people still in society always dream of sex*



 Nils Petter Nilsson