Free Liberalism, not Fordumb it…..!

Liberalism is all about to free humans, not to fordumd humans and also never downvalue Liberalism extentsion. Liberalism is all about to be choosetive, not to be equivalent and insignificant and see everything look lot alike, so life instead will be so humanoptionminded and developtive it can be, that is real Liberalism, so where is Liberalism, nowhere, yes it is, it is inside yourself it into your own life, heart and brain to always survive into lovelife.

When you think of Liberalism, at least me, you hopeful think of Intelligent and forwardstriveminded and developminded humans as they think toward humans best and see their own survivle as ít should be as the most importent and natural for a more free and loveful Universe, but not all unfortunately see Liberalism in this way, instead they will downvalue humans and fordumd individuals to make them unclever, then they not should do that or be and wont be unclever, just because capitalism shall be strong and not humans intellect over themself, as a great individual human being in love.

When you offer humans negative things and lie for the earthglobepopulations only therefore the capitalism should be strong and our humans more unloveful, is it no longer Liberalism we discuss, debate and argue, but something else, it is videlicet collective oppression to offer humans something that we humans start to fear and not always feel so well with into our own lifes, to always leave this negative things behind us, to learn from mistakes to always love ourselfs.

The True Liberalism main target is always to stabilize and offer man, woman, young as old individual humans great alternative to delivery and convey to a better humanitylives into our society´s or private lives in our ordinary everyday dayliferoutine from such things that in short and length enormously understandly seem very negative for the humans and not the other way, simply understandable right humanity way to free the human spirit, not fordumb it, so it will make more loveful and intelligent lovely life to us all, that is what liberalism is all about, to offer human alternative to live better and more pleasant into the future and our humaityfuture and offer individuals a more loveful life into our invidual humans societylifes and all foreign countries societydesignstrucure for the future, that is what liberalism maintarget is, to offer a loveful life to the private individual.

When you fordumb a special generation of indiviuals it also and not only stops there, you also fordumd our futurethinking Universe for the humanity lifeexistence into SpaceUniverse. If you see as something real natural that humanity shall fortify, strengthen and secure Universe survivle of Humanity Love, so you will every single day strive and free our humanity humans lifes, so they shall live better and the negative hate disapper as much as possible and forever be lost and gone.  

Cause today humans drives inside a big and strong belive that Liberalism should be something negative to them, then they think that Liberalism general mainthinking is to and involve weapon, drugs, cash and to do as you wish and whatever you what, when Liberlism is all about to take responsibility over your life and your loveful nextones and offer futurebelief to there community, simply to just obliterate all negativity we humans can feel and experience into our lifes, as i wrote before, liberalism is all about to free humans, not to fordumd humans and humans also might end up fianale to feel fears of society and over themself, that is not Liberalism.

As i see Liberalism is it something nice and wonderful that comes from the lovely private individual itself and nothing that should be adapt, adjust and suit from society´s echelonways, instead it should be from insideaccommodation fantasiforce inside every individual itself that shall lighten up from and throw all our lifes.  

Is always better to have something to write, than to write perfect! 


Nils Petter Nilsson


3 responses to “Free Liberalism, not Fordumb it…..!

  1. Moget du hade kommenterat Blondinbellas blogg! Not..

  2. Your definition of liberalism strongly indicates that human beings have rights to express themselves and live in this world with great benefits. Yes, what you are talking about is complete freedom and individual rights to have a happy life. I like your article. Work hard on keeping your blog. Have a nice day.

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