When captialism and economics is to and will be to importent for us humans.

When capitalism and economics will be to importent for us humans, you really cant live a life of true love, you possibly start to hate society, maybe other humans and finally perhaps yourself. Before we had the state to control us, of course they still do, but now we have something bigger and that is capitalism, this force might destroy your own fantasy of Universedreaming and you still will be a equivalent collective humanbeing, just like the state and capitalism together perhaps wants you to be, a collective humanbeing, with this i really dont mean in fachionstyleclothing, cars and materialstuff etc, i just meant to survive in a great way of love without feeling oppression from the negative side of capitalism, so you wont be a collective person like this society often wants you to be.

Today´s society is against us humans in a little or more or less way and you cant do anything about it because capitalism and economics set the rouls to conquer your own lovely and free little life and heart, as you were born with. Before in some countries we had evil communist to fear, today they have change that to economics and capitalism, thats makes you of course more free or just little more free, they change things to control humans and our lovely lives, except if you not will find one or other way to live better and might find more or less money to feel like a human in this oppressionsociety you perhaps might live in, without our own real fantasyfreeminds to conquer, capture and win our real humanlife back. 

The True Liberalism will really do care about you and what an individual human being will feel and think for positive of their own living life, constantly, so you will never feel oppression, thats why Liberalism today is far from real, because they hide themself behind capitalism, thats almost has nothing to do with humans true and free lives, if you not of course allowed to create your own positive lifeliving. Capitalism is often similar and equivalent to communism, it often can leads us to oppression and tie humans up in one and another or other ways, but its not so clear as communism were, because capitalism hides more and more to make you feel little more free when you really are often definitely not in many ways. 

The best thing that this society should do is to let all elementry things be free to be choosen by all individual humans, then of course if you do something really imported and great of course you will be rewarded, but today they let anyone get rewarded and let people work because they must work without any point with their work and the humans often feel empty inside and slaves to themselfs or their own minds!

Todays life for many of us in our world have very little to do with what real liberalism is all about, because we are tied up in a colletive thinking that guards behind capitalism that makes humans very unfree and unhappy or contrary, so you cant create you own big way of life, instead we see more and more oppression in our lifetime and more oppression will come for us humans if we dont change our rules to free otherself from this collective way of lifethinkingminds, to be a real happy individual humanbeing.

Today it doesnt matter what a human being thinks because the person is tied up with a system that think for him or her in a small or big way and this slavecapitalism just laugh you in face when you cant decide what to do, because someone else sets the rules how to conquer your own life, that wants to free your own mind of thinking, this hierarchypattern is often everywere for us to make you feel unhappy and worthless or glad and happy, because someone else have determine, settle, decide and prescribe how great your life should be, just because they think they own us humans, when they actually own money and things and really not themself, is always better to own yourself and your own time, instead of just things and money. 

So today we are slaves to capitalism, of course not all of us, but many of us are, if you not so glad you never noticed it. Capitalism is their to make you a better person or might destroy your freemind of creation, because you let other decide what is best for your own life and living. The communist wanted to control you and your life and let us all be equivalent, today we have change that to captialism, you are equal to capitalism and perhaps collective thinkingminds, to not always feel free with your life. Liberalism big task today is hopefully to get ride of this collective economics tiedupthinking to free humans to create themselves to be in love with themselves.

This rigidity society makes humans tie themself up in sorrow to pleasure capitalismvictory over themself and humankind, this must be change to free humans intellect and bring forth power of individualismlove to stabilize and conquer futurehumanliberalism without oppression from communism and capitalism, that wants humans to be equal, when we not should be equal, instead we should be indvidual humanbeings.  

In liberalism they dont tell you that you cant do this and not do that, you can even lay down capitalism if it would free us, this doesnt even many Liberal thinkers realize and understand, you can change everything to free humankind, that is what liberalism is all about…..

To end this….:

I wrote this monstly because i am little tired of this society belive and think they can own humans in a big or small way, this text has to do with all individual humanbeings, it has to do with us, that we should start to think for otherselfs, not think towards this often oppression society, that capitalism to bad has created, in many ways and also many great ways!



Nils Petter Nilsson


8 responses to “When captialism and economics is to and will be to importent for us humans.

  1. Tjohopp, så fin blogg du har!

    Sjekk ut min da vel 😀

    keep on shining.

    Klem fra Marie Amanda

  2. Hei! Veldig bra blogg.. Ta gjerne en tur innom min også:)

  3. Nu är den ultimata Blogglistan här — GREGORIUS BLOGGTOPP!
    Är Din Blogg med på listan???
    Kom och kika…

  4. hej hej haft en bra dag?

    va skall du göra på midsommar?

    kram katrin & hanna

  5. Debatten om hur sverige behandlar unga människor som mår dåligt elle har det dåligt fortsätter. Över 600 har läst inlägget och sagt sitt. Nu kanske du vill göra samma?

  6. Jag tycker att du ska skriva på svenska, du kan ju inte ens engelska. Eller åtminstone kör din text genom rättstavningsprogrammet.

  7. Du driver en väldigt bra blogg! 🙂

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