Jesus was an UltraLiberalHumanBeing

Many wondering what Jesus Christ was all about, i belive and think that he was a real human for us all humans, he belived in humans all the way and forever for you and i to feel like humans, he definitely didnt belive in oppression, he was a person that really simple belived in us humans. Jesus took care of negative this, like rouls and laws that make humans tied up in a wrong thinking, he make humans feel free and happy when we not always should feel great, he change that, Jesus made that so easy as it can be, when all odds are against you, your mind are free but not your life, so you must always change your life towards your mind, to be complete free, that is what i belive Jesus was all about.

Society we are creating is wrong in many ways to us humans, first of all we let other humans decide what is best for us at once we grow up, even if they not ment to change us and then the system make us often angry in many ways, because we let us belive that Society should be ruled by just a few humans, to create a colletive thinking, to bad, but so true.

Many groups today accept oppression even if they do not really want to or belive in it, they do it anyway to adapt into our society. Jesus was a Liberal man, he would just not accept that human lived to be slaves under one and another, he wanted to free humans to be in love with themself as far it would go. People that thinks that Jesus was Communist or Socialist or Conservative person, i think they where all little wrong, Jesus was just a person that try to set humans free to feel good with their lifes to be in Love with our Universe as human beings always should feel.

When church and society today talks about Jesus they really dont see the whole piture, they just see the background of his life, Jesus was not a book for us, for you and i to read the truth from, Jesus was a human being to feel yourself within yourself to always feel great with yourself, that was what Jesus was all about, not to be read and to be loved in a book, he was a living being, just like what we all should be, to create yourself with ourself inside and outside and into ourself, sounds funny, aint it?

I am not a really a fan of this Christiantystuff and go to church every week or exactly almost never, but i belive in what Jesus stood for and that was a positive way of life, not only positive way of thinking minds, thats how i feel and think about Jesus really were.

To be Continued….!


Nils Petter Nilsson


3 responses to “Jesus was an UltraLiberalHumanBeing

  1. tja, du som verkar så jäkla klockren på engelska åhej å hå. Du kan väl ta och skriva en dikt om diversity åt mig ? kom igen, ställ upp lite 🙂 TACK

  2. Hmmm… – apropå Jesus

    Ha det… 🙂 /önskar Jesus-vännen Josef

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Chador.

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