If our Companies loves, in our Companies lovefuture!


If Companies were grown as fast as we make babies, when would all our dreams come true and we would be happy to make babies into our all forever forall Universeheavenskyfuture…..

Multinational Companies or Private loved ones would lie under other feets to build new and better ones and with new inspiration lifes we would love with our fantasylifes out our happiness and no longer misery lies into our dreams and in our minds, success would all come true and we would explore our Universe with new eyes of development, to feel our own individual strength of positive lovetrend of private waystylelife. The only way that this would appear is that this rigidity, stiffness, formality, strictness society would soften up and relent to our minds.

If our society react towards our human and citizen life´s, instead of only our boring Companies, there would not be anymore negative suffering, instead we would only see stronger and better and more individual imaginative Companies, business to build your own way of lovelife to win and live with and succed to explore our new Universe.

At once a human being would feel oppression and sorrow, you would find yourself in a Universe that would never fell into this feelingmood, because you lead your own way towards Universe that is build of good and great and can also challenge your own humanity intellect to new paths towards a true loving Universedesign of structure to be in love with yourself.

If Business were build for us humans and not for the Company´s survival, then you would be able to build a better Company of no greed of no sorrows, tears, adversity, setback and misfortune, to destroy upcoming evil.

You would feel human with humans into all happiness and positivity wereever you would go and no more tears would be speld over this World and Universe, so you would go throght life with happy minds and build our lovefeelings with great powers and protections, this is the way we will obliterate all existing evil, for our humanity future lifes and into a great society, that is build on true happiness, when we conquer, capture and win Universe for all mankind idealcause.

This ManWoman will evil never gets, because this is a human of true happiness without any frightened eyetears of sorrowfeelings, this human will save the World and Universe forever to be and it might be you!

Liberalism doesn´t really exist more than into your own mind of fantasy, their lie the true Liberalism, not in any written books or movies.

Liberalism is really the most elegant and excellent political alignment we humans and citizens shall be given, because that we humans are free and not a slave to ourself and in our minds, its all about to get our politician and society to belive in that to! 



Nils Petter Nilsson


One response to “If our Companies loves, in our Companies lovefuture!

  1. astonished, you’ve got so much to say and i bet you practice what you preach 🙂

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