Live and let live with your (own) heart, mind and body for a positive waystyle to lovelife, not be a slave that lead to suffering and boredom into negative situations and solutions. Me myself i really dont trust that much any kind of school or employment and person that´s maintask is to decide which schoolmaterial or work that shall be reading, implement, perform, accomplish and achieve of different unknown persons, that not should ought to decide a humancitizen person´s individual personal and private lifestyle, money or not, has nothing to do with it. I really dont think and belive that an individual humancitizen in this society should feel and to be force and find themself in thier everydayroutine to go experience different, good or bad, State and Private institutions and companies and meet person´s that they not self choosen to meet, because you have to force yourself into a life that other person what you to live, because this unknown individual person shall be given some kind of type of economic and financial winning on your intelligent, clever and positive private lifestyle – Does this sounds fair to our humans and citizens, to be a slave into our daily lives, no it really doesn´t, to be ingratiating its often the first path to oppression, but its simple to me to write, because, that is the first thing we citizen taught ourself to survive, to ingratiating and fit into this collective society, because of that, must this society be change into individual minds and thinking towards a better world and soon Universe – 

School shall and must be more individual adjust and not be built for some or all bullytypepersons, that shall make money towards our citizens individual intelligent and clever smoothlife. Precise as in school as in the politics are their persons that choose to be interesed in politics because their are money to earn, not direct to build a better and positive villagelife for their lovefull or unlovefull citizens. When money and economics will be more important than a citizens personal chooselife, then is no longer an individual thinking, but a big strong collective thinking, to bad, but so true. Freedom, democracy, liberalism to all, not only to our already establish society, inclusive our all nations, parliament and government.

The True Liberalism is not built on Money, is to build and to Free, a Human Being!



Nils Petter Nilsson


One response to “LIVE AND LET LIVE

  1. Ditt uttryck ovan: “The True Liberalism is not built on Money, is to build and to Free, a Human Being !” – slut citat.

    Så sant som det är skrivet – men hur faen bär Wi oss åt enskilt och kollektivt för att komma dit ?

    Ha det… 🙂 /önskar fråge-vännen Josef

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