The Human Liberalism…..!

With this i will begin my blog that will be a journey through Universe with positive and futureinspired humanideas for our humanity to feel this earth and further through and out to Universe. This is my lovely philosophy, ideology and goals: “THE HUMAN LIBERALISM”, and it´s only positive and happy……

I will start with a subject that interests us or not and that is Politics:

The first thing that Politics has forgotten about is the human beings, they have forgotten about what is most relevant and elementary in this Universe, that are us, all human beings, it doesnt have to be harder to hit, than this simple steps, to give humanity what they need most, to feel like humans, this is my step into a pleasent humanity Liberalism:

1 Futurebelief.

2 To be loved, both inside and outside.

3 A pleasant living environment.

4 Water, food and medicalcare.

5 Obliterate diffrent and all hierarchypattern and fears that make our humans and citizen negative and frightened.

6 Build up our Spaceindustry for our humans to be, then the Earth should be more positive, for the private and individual loved life.

7 I ought to write more, but this should explain and cover my wiew to a better humanitylife into Universe.


I will now give you two of my best quotation, perhaps i have better, but this two are great:

“Build a society for our humans and citizens, not for our politicians and society´s survivle!”

 “Liberalism is not about condemn or neglect, its all about to free the human spirit!”



Nils Petter Nilsson



3 responses to “The Human Liberalism…..!

  1. Måste bara fråga.. Är du seriös när du skriver eller e det jag som inte greppar din sarkasm?

  2. Sandra:

    Oooops Sandra har glömt att svara på din fråga?

    “Ja, jag skriver som jag tänker! Om det var ett bra svar på din fråga, vet jag ej, fast ändå kanske ett ärligt svar, skulle inte vilja kalla det sarkasm, utan mänskliga tankegångar, men då blir det lätt till Sarkasm om man tänker på hur våra politiker arbetar…..?”

    Med vänliga känslor,

    Nils Petter Nilsson

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